Dedicated Hosting

For websites that require placing HD videos, you cannot make do with Singapore shared hosting and inevitably, the web host would pull out your video as it takes up a large bandwidth and the site may not be able to bear thousands of visitors watching the video. In dedicated hosting, you pay for how much bandwidth you are getting, and you decide how much Singapore bandwidth you need. There are plans with 500 GB as well as 2500 GB of bandwidth. In fact, if the site you own is so large that it has hundreds and thousands of members, you can even arrange two or more dedicated servers to fulfill your requirements.

In summary, it is suffice to say that shared hosting is better if you have a small Singapore website with less content. On the other hand, if you own a website that is visited by thousands of people and you generate quite a bit of profit, you need dedicated hosting plan to fulfill your requirements.

Web Hosting – It all depends upon your requirements

The next step obviously is to choose between shared web hosting and dedicated hosting that are two popular plans for website owners. Not knowing the differences between the two types of web hosting or the pros and cons of both may prove costly to the Singapore website owner, especially when he is starting out on the internet. For websites that are large and have requirements much more than a small website, dedicated hosting suits better than shared hosting. This is like having an entire floor in a building rented out to you so that there is no sharing of space on the server. The server is dedicated to your needs and hence the name. Websites like Singapore online shops that have much larger space requirements find dedicated hosting far more suitable than shared hosting. With dedicated hosting, one has far more control over the features of the operating system and the owner of the site can install or uninstall certain features whenever he so desires. Sometimes, even the RAM you need and the processor speed required is also arranged in dedicated hosting. The most crucial benefit of dedicated hosting is in terms of maintaining confidentiality of Singapore website owner’s documents and sensitive information. However, the drawback with dedicated hosting is its excessive price, and unless there is absolute need of such an arrangement, shared hosting is perfect for a website owner.

Shared Hosting Vs Dedicated Hosting

If you want to have an online presence to sell and idea, product or service, after getting made the website what you require is a reliable webhost to let your customers find you on the internet easily.

It is a fact that the features of a shared hosting plan fulfill the requirements of some types of online businesses very well while failing in some other Singapore business types. On the other hand, dedicated hosting also does well with some types of websites while failing miserably with some other Singapore businesses. If you decide to go for shared hosting, you share a server with many other websites that are owned by different people. This arrangement works out perfectly and you just don’t feel a difference as no other user of the server gets any information about your site just as you are unaware of other Singapore websites on the server. This is more or less sharing the facilities without knowing each other. It is akin to renting office in a floor in a building. It has become very popular for people who are just starting out on the internet as it is very cheap. The only thing to keep in mind is to check on the prestige of the web host in the field.

Advantages of shared hosting

Shared web hosting in Singapore has become very popular and those just starting their venture on the internet find it very useful because of its cost effectiveness. In the beginning, most businesses (except those that are e-shops or need large videos) do not need large storage space and can make do with a small space on a Singapore server. With shared web hosting, enough storage space is provided to a small website owner at down to earth prices that is a very attractive feature of shared hosting. Today one can get his website hosted for as low as $3 per month.

Ease of use is another feature that has made shared hosting so very popular. If you have been given a cPanel by your web host, you can assume it is a shared hosting arrangement as you use cPanel to manage your account. Using it is a child’s play and you control many features on your web hosting website through this panel.

It is easy to upgrade from a basic account to a premium account if you feel that your site has grown and your requirements are much more than they were initially. On the contrary, an account with dedicated Singapore web hosting cannot be easily converted into shared hosting account as no host would want to lose out on the fee that you have been paying and also because of technical difficulties.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

Whether you are doing a small business or just starting up, having an online presence is crucial these days as it ensures exponential exposure and thus more business and profits. Having got an attractive website is just the beginning; you need to find a reliable web host to stay connected with all your Singapore prospective customers all the time. You would certainly not like any of your visitors to not being able to open the site because of any inefficiency on the part of your web host, do you? This is where cheap and effective shared hosting comes into play. This is a Singapore web hosting plan that allows different website owners to share the space available on a server despite not knowing each other. This is like having a rented office in a building having many offices.

Disadvantages of shared hosting

• Security of sensitive Singapore information about the website stands compromised. This is because of the fact that there are multiple websites hosted at the same server and any webmaster can hack into your site through web hosting.

• With various websites sharing not just space on the hard disc, there is also sharing of operating system, CPU, and bandwidth that causes crashing of websites and loss of valuable data with the webmaster.

• As one is dependent upon Singapore software provided by the web host, he cannot wish improvement in the performance of the site using his own software. This puts a limit to which one can expand the site using web hosting.

• When the site has overgrown the limits of shared hosting, it proves costly as web hosting resources being shared; your requirements are hard to be fulfilled with the result that your website might be down at times.

• At times, being one of the shared websites on a web hosting server can be costly as when any one of the website owner indulges in any illegal activity causing all sites on the server getting blacklisted.

Knowing both the advantages as well as disadvantages of Singapore shared hosting, you are prepared to take a plunge into shared hosting. The most important precaution that a web hosting website owner must take is to ensure that the web host is reliable and has the expertise to run the show without any hassles.